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The Interiors of Navona Palace


Additional information on the history of the building dates back to the XIX century and it was found in the Capitolin Archives, where the owner, Luigi Arati, requested to build a terrace located in Piazza del Fico on 25/01/1872 and was successfully accepted.

The first floor presents a chestnut wooden ceiling dating back to the XVII century with decorations representing floral and geometric shapes interspersed with the family crests of Foppa Family.

The ceilings of the other floors are enhanced with brick vaults, and some are painted with grotesque typical Roman zoomorphic elements dating back to the late XVIII century. The lobby features bas-reliefs of ancient times decorated with geometric shapes and typical textures in Nordic style, probably dating to the VII-IX centuries and incorporated in the construction of the building. The same type of reliefs are also housed in the floor below.


The corridor on the ground floor features a vault placed on travertine frames and a series of vaults supported by corbels. At the second floor we find again the Foppa crest in marble. The stairs are characterized by stone columns surmounted by capitals in peperino material that date back to the earlier eras. In the building could be found many arches made of bricks. In the lobby it is incorporated another bas-relief representing a beautiful and well preserved profile of a Young Child probably belonging to the Republican Roman Period.

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